makes me feel that way.....

Isaac Osei Offeh || Design Student || Twitter - @sirizac

its so hard

been through all that in my younger not that im hella old now buh the point is…it gets easier by the day. 
Stay put. x

do you have many close female friends?

nah not enough.

how do you detach yourself emotionally from someone?

i dont think you can completely detach yourself from anyone if you truly love em….You just learn to live without em.

do you ever feel lonely?

mmm not really…i really enjoy my own company so when im not around people i enjoy my peace of mind.

They act like they fcuk with me and I act like I believe them. #StayWinning #StayFlexing



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My Philosophy


There is no greater pain than life 
life ain’t got no remorse nor does it
feel pity for those who are deprived of it,
instead it reminds us, that If we don’t
straighten up and try to roll with the nebulous hits,
our souls shall turn to ashes that will never
prosper or be acknowledge within life…
Samanta M.